Historical Women of Letters Photo Gallery

Mary Todd Lincoln at Chicago History Museum  Mary Todd Lincoln in With Lincoln Productions' Meeting the Lincolns.  Presidents' Day 2012 Dolley Madison  From Quakerss to Presidentress, Dolley was the first First Lady to be featured on a magazine cover : South County Library Jane Austen  Suitable for Libraries, Museums, Woman's Clubs, and Teas," Jane Austen Speaks" can be tailored to fit your audience and time constraints Louisa May Alcott in Oak Park, IL  "If you want to know something about me, even though there is not much to tell- I would like very much to mention a few little things."
Mary Todd Lincoln at the University of West Virginia  University of West Virginia, Constitution Day celebration.  Mrs. Lincoln answering questions from the audience. Mary Todd Lincoln in West Virginia  Lemonade for our guests at the University of West Virginia Jane Austen with the Ladies Of Victorian Elegance  Just Jane: Tea with Jane Austen for the Ladies Of Victorian Elegance in Cleveland, Ohio Louisa May Alcott at the Nineteenth Century Charitable Association  "Having great faith in young America, it gave me infinite satisfaction to find such eager interests in all good things, and to see how irresistibly the spirit of our new revolution, stirring in the hearts of sisters and daughters was converting the fathers and brothers who loved them."
Mary Todd Lincoln at WGN  Presidents' Day is not complete without a visit to the WGN morning News.  Here Mrs. Lincoln relaxes with George Washington (Terry Lynch), William Henry Harrison (Mike Toomey), and Mr Lincoln himself (Michael Krebs). Louisa May Alcott  Phot by 8eyes Photography Mary Todd Lincoln in Princeville, IL  A performance of "Mrs. Lincoln's Salon" for the Princeville Historical Society Louisa May Alcott  "Mr. Niles of Roberts Bros. wanted a “Girl’s Story”, so in August of 1867 I began Little Women, and plodded away.  I didn’t enjoy it- I never liked girls or knew many, except my sisters."
Louisa May Alcott  "My first book- Flower Fables- sold very well, and people seemed to like it.  I felt quite proud that the little fairy tales that I wrote for Ellen Emerson, Mr. Emerson’s daughter, when I was 15 should bring me fame at 21 and a fortune of 32 dollars." Mary Todd Lincoln and musician Bobby Horton  Sesquicentennial of Lincoln's Second Inaugural Speech, Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C. 2015 Lincoln's Second Inaugural Celebration,  Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC 2015  To watch the video, http://cs.pn/2D2CduP Mary Todd Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial  A celebration of Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address
Jane Austen Speaks  Jane Austen reads her poem "When Stretched on One's Bed" Dolley Madison  "In politicks you know, I was never an Adept— I therefore will only observe, that our Country seems now to be entirely of Mr. Laws opinion that "Agitation and excitement are happiness." I hope some, of the Scenes got up in the House of Representatives, never reach you as in that case, they would excite even more regret among the considerate here, than they now do." : South County Library Jane Austen at the Ella Johnson Library  Photo from the article in Chicago Tribune/Courier News.  You can read the article here: http://trib.in/2D3T819 Jane Austen at the Mentor Public Library  On site at the historic Read House
Reching Forward 2016  Presenting at the Illinois Library Association conferecne Reaching Forward in 2016 Jane Austen at Reaching Forward  "I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading" Jane Austen at the Morton Grove Public Library  "The opinions of Mansfield Park have been so wildy diverse, I have taken to recording the first impressions of those who have read it." Jane Austen at the Morton Grove Public Library  "Where shall I begin?  Which of all my important nothings shall I tell you first? "
Debra Miller  Phot by 8eyes Photography Mrs Lincoln's Salon  Mrs. Lincoln's Salon for the Friends of the Paris Library in Paris Illinois Debra Ann Miller  Photo by 8eyes Photography Reading Louisa May Alcott  Big fans at the Town & Country Public Library in Elburn, IL
Jane Austen for the BBC  Jane Austen in Millenium Park in Chicago,IL for the BBC news article  http://bbc.in/2D57Vb2 BBC Photo Shoot  Read the BBC News article here http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-40093010 Mary Todd Lincoln and James Cornelius  Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum Mary Todd Lincoln in East Bloomfield, NY  History Days, East Bloomfield, NY.  Photo by Deb Woodard